Monday Moodboard: The Sun Watching Over You

The autumnal sun sheds a different kind of light compared to other seasons, making it a unique and special time to take photos. The light is less harsh, but warmer and richer in color. Start your Monday by basking under the sun with your camera in hand and take advantage of the natural, romantic light. To control and capture sun fares, try various aperture settings and position the sun in your frame next to another object or element. If you're shooting in an open sky, put the sun in the corner of your frame. Partially blocking the sun will give you the creative control you just need and nail that perfect exposure. Here are some photographs from the community which made clever use of sun flares and will hopefully inspire you to create your own!

Credits: quaisoir, chikapop, vicuna, wil6ka, littlelurcher, niki-tzi, retro-girl, chivasregal, feelux, ohlordy & juniardigiugno

Try filling in your LomoHome gallery with sunbathed snaps!

written by cielsan on 2018-10-15 #culture #glare #monday-moodboard

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