Singapore Through the Lens of Audi Khalid and the Lomography Community

The work of Singaporean Photographer Audi Khalid gained a lot of attention when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself shared his work on social media. Since starting out in event coverage, Audi developed a successful commercial photography career and worked with an impressive list of notable clients.

Focusing on his home country, Audi's soft tones showcase Singapore in a surreal and fresh way. Take a look at his incredible images.

Audi explains that he “seeks to find the magic in the everyday, believing there is a story to be found everywhere.” With his portraits, he “aims to capture the brief genuine moments of a person — that shy smirk, that honest chuckle.”

Audi isn't the only one taking luscious shots of the Lion City. Check out these incredible analogue creations by Lomographers highlighting Singapore as a prime destination:

Credits: hotmailwanderluste, bennyfunky, yokekei, niko_fuzzy, ahbooza, awesomesther, litleandi & samsung1983

We're always on the lookout for amazing content from the community. Thank you for the wonderful photos @hotmailwanderluste, @bennyfunky, @yokekei, @niko_fuzzy, @ahbooza, @awesomesther, @litleandi & @samsung1983!

written by crissyrobles on 2018-10-28

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