LomoAmigos Halfnoise Celebrate Analog Love With New Vinyl and Music Video

It's no secret, our LomoAmigo Zac Farro and his band Halfnoise love the analog lifestyle. Zac himself regularly shoots film and floods his Instagram with wonderful film photos, mostly shot on 110 Film. His photos, music as well as fashion style reflect all reflect a very certain feeling of nostalgia. And so does the band's latest video to "All That Love Is", which seems to be an ode to the analog medium. Now, to put the icing on the cake, Halfnoise is putting out their EP Flowerss on Vinyl, which is reason enough for us to sit down with Zac again and have a chat about all that analog-buzz in his life.

Oh, and on top of all of that: We're giving away the record to one lucky winner!

from the video "All That Love Is" by Halfnoise

Welcome back in our Magazine, Zac! A lot has happened since we last spoke. What have you been up to?

Summer was awesome, played a lot of music, took a lot of photographs, went back to Japan, and now just gearing up for HALFNOISE tour in UK and Europe next month! Very stoked to get back and play these shows over there and get this Flowerss vinyl out!

from the video "All That Love Is" by Halfnoise

Congratulations on the release of Flowerss! Can you tell us a little bit about the EP - for example what do you personally love about it?
It was an organic experience with friends, stopping by the studio, having fun, just really encouraging me and the team in making something that felt like us all hanging out.

Three months after the initial release of the EP Flowerss you're launching it on Vinyl now, which we analog lovers are super excited about! Was it important for you to follow up the release with Vinyl? If so what do you like about this medium?

It’s important to release all my music on vinyl, it's my favorite medium. It forces you to digest the art as a whole, the entire record together as it was intended. You can’t just skip around, its the way records are supposed to be made IMO - It's also I prefer to listen to a lot of my favorite artists. It’s just film photography, nothing can really compare to it.

from the video "All That Love Is" by Halfnoise

Watching your latest video, we feel like you should add the little word analog at the end of its title "All That Love Is". What sparked the inspiration for this video?

As I was mixing the record, Sam and I drove around LA in his car, and this song was what stuck out to him the most. I like working with there initial reaction, and song that naturally connects first, Sam I think really connected to this song first.

The video seems to mirror your style of shooting film and the aesthetics of your photos. Are you drawing from the same source of inspiration for all your creative outputs? Or would you say that taking photos has had an impact on your other creative work as well?

Within any media around my art, I really try to be consistent. Whether the clothes, I wear, the film I shoot, the music I make, I want it all to be a reflection of my personality and all derived from the same medium, which hopefully is a reflection of my personality.

As always, it's a pleasure chatting to you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and art with us. Any last words for our community?
Always and Only shoot film :)

Tell us why you prefer to listen to Vinyl and get a chance to win the brand new Flowerss Record by clicking this link!

Catch Halfnoise on tour, check the dates here and follow Zac's film photos on his Instagram.

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