An Alternative Statement — Portraits by Kelli McGuire

Kelli McGuire is back with us again to share one of her new analogue experiments. Moving away from her cinematic neon style, this time she collaborates with one of today's emerging composers David Ross Lawn on a gender norm-defying photoshoot. Apart from being the star and model of the photoshoot, David also managed with the wardrobe and make-up. All soft-focus with a pastel palette, Kelli's fashion-forward portraits perfectly matches the ambient piano music David creates, and these images will surely be remarkable and head-turning for their audiences.

Introducing David Ross Lawn, born in 1992: a composer from the future

Hi Kelli! Welcome back to Lomography Magazine! How are you doing these days?

It's great to be back! I've been doing well. I just moved out of my apartment of 3 and a half years which was super sad. Other than that, I'm working on a bunch of new projects and trying to stay busy.

In the mood for love: “ambiance” is the key to David's music

We love your new series In the Neighborhood — care to share the story behind this?

This series was a collaboration with composer David Ross Lawn. I met David through Instagram a while ago and we finally got to work together over the summer. I was staying in the neighborhood for a beach vacation, and David invited me to his place to shoot.

Song of the Sun Kelli accurately captures David's debut piano EP through the images

In this series, David is seen wearing unconventional clothing for men and is painted in soft-focus. Where does the aesthetic come from?

David has an amazing sense of fashion and styled the shoot. In his own words, ”I have always lived by the phrase ‘if you like it, wear it’. I do not wrap myself in a specific gender, but rather allow fluidity to be present, as it is what feels most natural. I look at texture, silhouette and color palette which to me can easily be devoid of gender.”

As far as the soft focus, I like for my photos to have a dreamlike atmosphere. I feel that the softness adds the lightheaded, woozy feeling of those vivid dreams you have in a deep sleep.

For David, fashion is genderless.

How about the techniques you used to bring out those vibrant mixes of colors in low light? Can you spill the secrets behind your stylised look?

I shoot all film, and everything I do is in camera. As far as shooting in low light, I typically shoot pretty wide open, usually at a 2.8 f-stop. As far as lighting, I use continuous lights with various gels.

Modern, classical, and 21st-century music all combined into David's solo piano work. Since his debut, David has been featured in national television and high fashion advertisement media and continues to hit the piano keys for sonic landscapes.

What's the next step for Kelli McGuire?

Right now I am working on a short film called Homewrecker. I'm shooting on 16mm for the first time since college and I'm so excited. I'm also working on countless photo projects and setting up my new studio space.

More of Kelli's analogue oeuvre may be found in her website and Instagram. All rights reserved to Kelli McGuire.

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