Announcement: 2018 EMULSIVE Secret Santa

EMULSIVE, a community for those who love film photography just as much as we do, is once again organizing a film photography Secret Santa gift exchange this year. Sign ups are open from now until November 4th and if you would like to participate, you can register here.

How does it work?

EMULSIVE Secret Santa is a round-robin gift exchange where players give and receive the gift of analogue photography, and make connections with photographers the world over." Gifts must be worth at least $20 and should include anything and everything pertaining to analogue photography: film, camera, prints, etc. EMULSIVE Secret Santa is not about the flashiest or most expensive gift, but about the thought put into it.
Any lovers of analogue photography who are willing to put in as much thought and effort into the gift they are giving as the one they want to receive. Think about what you may like to be sent as a photographer, as the person getting the gift is hoping for something super fabulous. Creativity is welcome and fun wrappings, a few local sweets, or prints can add a nice personal touch.

Check out the gifts from last year's event. If you would like more information about the event, please check out their site and be sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

written by sragomo on 2018-10-22 #news

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