Emotions Winners


Portrait photography is more than just capturing a pleasing image — it's all about telling a compelling story through body movements and facial expression. Whether it's staged or not, we just cannot get enough of these impassioned photographs. Take a look at the winning shots in our Emotions competition:

Credits: zaruki_zanogi, neja, dumao, melisange & andradapavel

More Photos From the Submission Box

Credits: cristina_badulescu, nachito7, adi_totp, akula & djramsay

Congratulations to @zaruki_zanogi, @neja, @andradapavel, @dumao, and @melisange for being the champs of this challenge! You will each receive a voucher worth 50 EUR for our Online Shop.

Swing by our Competitions section for a chance to win vouchers and other exciting prizes!

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    Thank you very much for choosing my photo! And, congrats to @zaruki_zanogi, @andradapavel, @dumao, and @melisange, too

  2. systemdevice
    systemdevice ·

    Congrats, @andradapavel! ^-^

  3. zaruki_zanogi
    zaruki_zanogi ·

    Thanks for your choice!

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