Stunning Skies — Manuel Cosentino's Behind a Little House


Italian photographer Manuel Cosentino is using a little house to ask big questions. Capturing subtle changes in the landscape and stunning shots of the sky, he questions our role as humans in shaping the future of the world, and asks about our place in the universe. His gorgeous Behind a Little House photography series opens the narrative, inviting the reader to contribute.

© Manuel Cosentino, Courtesy of Lens Culture

Manuel's official text for the series offers detailed insight into the project:

“Photographed over a two-year period, Behind a Little House is an intimate participatory art project focusing on the notion of our place in the world beneath one sky. Place, both actual and imagined, plays a key role within identity.”

Behind a Little House references the landscape as one of the modes of construction of notions of national identity that originated during the 18th and 19th century. Throughout the work, the nationalist rhetoric is abandoned and home and sky function as cross-boundary and universal symbols, implying a shared sense of belonging and responsibility. Within this rhetorical framework, I invite the viewer to reflect upon the ephemeral nature of our surroundings and our role in shaping the future of our natural and constructed worlds.”

“The narrative is left open so that the viewer can bring their own story to bear on the photographs and contribute to the dialogue.”

© Manuel Cosentino, Courtesy of Lens Culture

Manuel further summarizes Behind a Little House by stating that "we all live beneath a single, shared sky — these photos show how notions of national identity may be discarded when we recognize the unifying nature of our common environment.”

Manuel holds his craft in high regard and refers to his work as “focused on the role of the individual — and collective responsibility — in contemporary society, and on the function of art as an agent of change.”

© Manuel Cosentino, Courtesy of Lens Culture

Know more about Manuel here and through his website.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-10-19

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