4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Disposable Camera In Your Kit


Used as wedding favors and as a popular token for tourists, disposable cameras are pre-loaded with film and a built-in flash, so even newbies can easily document their special memories. And with the Simple Use Film Camera, we can confidently say that disposable cameras have come a long way. Beyond parties and travels, we give you more reasons why you should always take a disposable camera with you!

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It's Great for Casual Shoots

When you're on assignment (for example, doing a professional photo shoot), a disposable camera is ideal for behind-the-scenes snapshots. Pack a bunch of these for your crew so that you can have fun, spontaneous shots during quick breaks!

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Use It as a Back-Up

A photo opportunity suddenly comes up and you whip out your camera, only to find out that you've run out of film. A disposable camera comes in handy in situations like this — it's pre-loaded with film so you can still catch the moment before it slips away. The Simple Use Film Camera is pre-loaded with brilliant Lomography film: Lady Grey B&W 400, Color Negative 400 and LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400.

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Effortless Creativity

Take advantage of its simplicity — with a disposable camera, you can easily shoot random photos without thinking too much about it. You can even do all sorts of creative things that you normally wouldn't do on your more expensive camera: taping filters or scratching the lens for textured effects, or smearing petroleum jelly on the lens for a soft, dreamy aesthetic. The Simple Use Film Camera in Color Negative and LomoChrome Purple are packed with color gel filters if you wish to be playful with colors!

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Use It All Over Again

Hold up, don't toss it away when you're done with the roll! With a few tweaks, you can definitely re-use your Simple Use Film Camera. Should you wish to proceed, follow the instructions carefully.

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Make the Simple Use Film Camera a staple in your photography gear! Visit our online shop or any of our worldwide gallery stores to get all three variants: we have classic Lady Grey Black & White 400, vibrant Color Negative 400 and psychedelic LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400.

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