Lomography Color Negative 800: A Mixed-Lighting Master

When you're shooting in unpredictable lighting conditions, it's important to shoot with a high-speed film, preferably rated at 400 ISO or above. However, it's well known that the higher the ISO, the bigger and more noticeable the grain. Also, it's likely that the colors won't be as vibrant. Should you sacrifice colors and smooth grain for speed?

Credits: warning, neja & aka_papu

Quality shouldn't be compromised, and this is where you'll find Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm film most useful. Even in low-lit situations, this film will render sharp details, rich colors, and fine grain.

Credits: atropaworkshop, singleelderly, nadinadu, why-yu, lomographics & oldstandby

Confidently shoot dramatic portraits, vivid street scenes, and happy memories without having to worry about underexposing your snaps or gritty grain. Whether you’re shooting at day or night, indoors or outdoors, Lomography Color Negative 800 is an excellent all-rounder.

Shooting after-dark? Make the Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm a must-have in your gear! Visit our online shop or one of our worldwide gallery stores to stock up on this film!

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