Ruddy Trobrillant's Adventures with the Simple Use Film Camera


Ruddy Trobrillant, a Digital Talent for brands such as ASOS, is a massive fan of our Simple Use Film Camera. In this interview, he explains why this reloadable disposable camera is one of his essentials. Discover his trips through words and pictures!

Ruddy with his Simple Use

Welcome to the Magazine, Ruddy! Can you present yourself to our readers?

My name is Trobrillant Ruddy, I am a Digital Talent. Which consists in being an Ambassador or influencer for brands - like ASOS in my case - creating projects as an artistic director (my last project was for Levi's on September 17), doing consulting, being a model for both digital and poster campaigns.

When did you first start taking photographs? Any fun fact?

I've always loved memories of past instants. Capturing a moment without being able to change the emotion of it. It's my only way of keeping physical track of a moment, of a feeling.

We know you have already used the Lomo’Instant, what pushed you towards the Simple Use Film Camera?

I went for the Simple Use because it's super packable. You can always have it in your pocket, in a little bag. It doesn't take much room. You don't have to be a professional photographer to operate it either. You only need to have fun and be creative: capture the moment, freeze an emotion in time. And also, because the results with the film are incredible! Everyone, every single day, is asking me: "What camera do you use?"

You show your essentials a lot on your Instagram account. And the Simple Use Film Camera seems to be one of them. Could you tell us why?

The Simple Use is my essential - I never go out without it! And it's really easy to customize. I have three: two in my pockets and one in a case clipped to my belt. So yes, I can safely state that it's one of my essentials. It has as much meaning as my iPhone when it comes to photos. Everyone can own one. They're quite affordable, so is film, and the quality is dope. You can use it as much as you want. I might have reloaded my first camera at least 15 times, and it still works perfectly. The quality has slightly decreased, but simply because the lens has little dust and dirt on it. Which actually gives the photos a vintage vibe.

The featured shots have been taken in France, Germany, Portugal, and the United States. What drawn you to these particular countries?

Well, I had the chance to travel thanks to my work, so I didn't have time to really enjoy these countries. But with the Simple Use, you can easily and quickly snapshots. You don't even have to look for particular spots! Everything turns amazing and magical, even! What I enjoy in these countries - and in others too - is the culture! Discovering people's culture, because even border countries don't necessarily have the same culture as the French one. I like discovering the world.

Which is your favorite picture from this series - and why?

I don't really have one. Because each shot has its own feeling. Each one of us has its own way of seeing a picture, of taking it. I like photos that live. And mines live my way. It's just a feeling and I like it.

We thank you for these amazing photos. To wrap up this interview, what are your next projects?

My next projects are diverse. But this new season will be based on creating projects as an artistic director. And keep on carrying around my Simple Use at the world's end.

To discover Ruddy's world, follow him on Instagram. Get your Simple Use Camera on our Online Shop or in a Gallery Store near you!

written by adecerjat on 2018-10-20 #gear #people

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