Monday Moodboard: A Psychedelic Reality


How do you brighten up a boring, gray Monday? With color, of course! Step into the psychedelic wonderland and get inspired by the eccentricity of the world. Things are not what they seem when you're looking through multi-colored glasses. The sky is yellow, the grass is pink, the mountains are red and water strikingly orange!

Load up your camera with a fresh roll of Lomography Color Negative film (expired films are always welcome) and ready your color gel filters. This Monday Moodboard's is all about exploration and experimentation.

Credits: xsara, hodachrome, furn7973, aprilrich427, mafiosa, lazybuddha, webo29, blueskyandhardrock & moongrowl

Upload your colorfully chaotic, psychedelic shots to your LomoHome.

written by cielsan on 2018-10-01 #culture #monday-moodboard

One Comment

  1. woodcarver1952
    woodcarver1952 ·

    Beautiful, I've been something similar in Photoshop but never thought of combining two abstracts. Bravo!

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