Around the World in Analogue: Greece


“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations around the globe, as told by the members of the Lomography community. Today, Justine Mahé (@timetravel) drenches the coastline and rocky terrain of Greece in soft, ashy tones, emphasizing the otherworldly atmosphere inherent to the country's landscape.

In 2016, I discovered the beautiful landscapes of Santorini and Milos, two islands of the Cyclades in Greece. Santorini is the most touristic island, famous for the beautiful sunset you can admire from Oia, a city in the north. I was more interested in the volcanic nature of the island and decided to test the LomoChrome Turquoise to capture the landscapes of the black sand beach of Perissa and the volcanic island Nea Kameni.

The strange colors of the LomoChrome Turquoise are great to illustrate the surreal, nearly science-fiction aspects of these landscapes. Walking on the craters feels like exploring a new planet.

Thank you for sharing a different view of Greece, Justine!

To capture her adventures, Justine used an Olympus mju 2 and LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400. To see more of her work, drop by her LomoHome or follow her on Instagram

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