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LA-based producer, Loretta Ramos is mostly known for dark, suspenseful TV shows, like Hannibal or American Gods. In her spare time, however, she likes to document the joys of her own life and her photographs convey a completely different mood and aesthetic than her work on TV. She has been enjoying shooting the Diana F+ with it's saturated, intense colors, so we thought she might be interested in testing our brand new Diana Instant Square as well, and we were not wrong. She was excited to try it out and shared with us her first impressions.

Loretta Ramos

Hi Loretta, welcome to the Lomography Magazine. We are thrilled to have you here, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Thank you, I feel so privileged to be here! I am a television producer (I've worked on shows like "Hannibal" and "American Gods") and a VERY amateur photographer.

First to last: "I love the architecture and light in Los Angeles, which I try to remember to appreciate (and capture) on a regular basis; Palm Trees form the most amazing silhouettes. I have way too many photos of them, but I can't help myself; "I love the way this turned out, as if the LA heat was making you dizzy."

You have shot with the regular Diana F+ before, what did you like about that camera?
I love the unpredictability of it. Every photo is a surprise, and when you get to share the pictures with people their reaction is always joyful. And you'd be amazed at how excited people get just seeing you walking around with it, especially on set, because it's so different than the technology we've all become used to. It satisfies that craving for a tactile experience. Not to mention the cool color.

"My favorite subject is my dog Spencer and his buddies. When they cooperate."

What sparked your interest in photography in the first place?
As a kid, I used to love looking through old family albums and slides. That started a desire to chronicle events with family and friends, and life in general. I used a 35 mm film camera for years, and when everything moved into the digital realm, I used it less and less, and ended up with a giant stockpile of film in the fridge. My husband bought me the Diana F+ as motivation to use up the film, and it absolutely worked.

"One of the best things about living in LA is the multitude of farmers markets. I am endlessly drawn to the rows upon rows of fruit and vegetables...their uniformity, their color, their abundance."

Have you had any experience with instant cameras before testing the Diana Instant Square?
I used Polaroid cameras as a kid, and have played around a bit with some of the newer incarnations.

You got to test the very first prototype of the Diana Instant Square. What was your first impression of the results?
Really fun. All the unpredictability that I love about the Diana F+, but with instant gratification! There was a bit of a learning curve with exposure and framing, but even the "accidents" were shots I loved.

First: "My neighbor takes glorious photos of his friends, so it was fun to force him to be the model for once." Second: "My other favorite model, my husband." Third: "I was so pleasantly surprised that this photo turned out, actually catching the water as it fell over the side of the fountain."

Can you describe the Diana Instant Square in three words?
Adorable, Unpredictable, Satisfying

Any advice for using the Diana Instant Square?
Use its quirkiness to your advantage. People you're photographing will be extremely curious about it and want to participate and see the results. And let yourself experiment with all the tools at your disposal - the multiple exposures, different lenses, etc. Some of my favorite shots were the layered exposures, for example of the Hollywood Farmers Market. The effect captured the market's frenetic energy better than any standard shot could have.

"The first shot is one of the best "happy accidents" that happened during my use of the Diana Instant Square: the "See LA" sign that ended up perfectly framed. The Hollywood Farmers Market is quintessential LA to me, a place I always recommend people visit when they come to town."

Big thanks to Loretta for testing our Diana Instant Square!

written by birgitbuchart on 2018-10-17 #gear #l-a #diana-instant-square #loretta-ramos

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