Shooting Creative Half-Frames with the Lomo LC-Wide


If there's one thing that shooting in half-frame format is good for, it's saving up on extra shots! A roll of 36 exposures can give you 72 photos if you switch to half-frame mode. If you're new to this, the Lomo LC-Wide is a great choice, because you can also shoot full-frame and square format with this super 35 mm camera. It's everything you need for an amazing analogue adventure! Here's how to start snapping sweet half-frame shots.

Credits: moodification & lomol

Shoot the Same Subject Differently.

Instead of simply shooting the same subject twice, ask your subject to strike different poses or move around to shoot from different angles or distances.

Credits: tracyvmoore, i_am_four-eyes, alessandroleen & fafascinado

Try a Multiple Exposure.

In half-frame, you get two shots in one photo. On multiple exposure mode, you can shoot two or more scenes in one shot. Find the MX switch at the bottom of the LC-Wide and slide to enable multiple exposures. That'll give you the option to shoot four or more scenes in any one standard frame!

Credits: dannyedwards & christopherlomo

Shoot in Mixed Lighting.

Shoot one frame indoors, the other frame outdoors. One with flash and one without. Seeing two contrasting scenes in one shot can yield interesting results!

Credits: fukaluo, alessandroleen, kylesherman & dannyedwards

Ready for some multi-format fun? Get your Lomo LC-Wide now from our online shop or one of our gallery stores worldwide! If you have some LC-Wide half-frame shots to share, don't forget to upload them to your LomoHome or on social media with the hashtag #heylomography.

2018-10-31 #half-frame #lomo-lc-wide

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