LomoAmigo Dimetri Hogan Opens a "Middle Of Summer" Installation


We know long-time LomoAmigo Dimetri Hogan as someone who celebrates beauty, summer and a relaxed, fun lifestyle in his photographs. This September, we finally could all become a part of it. In the middle of summer and in the middle of Manhattan, we suddenly found ourselves among palm trees, beautiful women and delicious cocktails.

The Middle Of Summer Installation showed a cute little beach scene, with a wall full of instant photos, celebrating eternal summer. Dimetri himself carried around our latest summer edition, the Lomo'Instant Riviera documenting his first "Middle of Summer" installation, which is only the start of something bigger. We've collected his snaps and talked to him about his plans.

Welcome back! For those who don't know you, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Dimetri Hogan aka Radiant Child.

Can you tell us about "Middle of Summer"? What was it about and how did you put it together?

'Middle of Summer' is a concept that was inspired by a longing to make summer last forever. My team and I wanted to give New Yorkers a vacation destination right within their very own back yards. It all came together with a spontaneous trip to Mykonos, Greece and the help of my branding & partnerships manager Stephen Mozingo Jr.. One thing led to the next and we had a studio full of sand and live palm trees via Island Wide Palmtrees.

What are you planning for the future? Any events we should look out for?

Well, ideally I would like to take ‘Middle of Summer’ on tour and give those that follow our community an opportunity to experience summertime even when the temperature starts to drop…we are hosting our first ever movie night on October 7th. Stay tuned for more details on that! I am also working on my new project Radiant Room which is worth looking forward to ;-)

Being a young photographer in New York is difficult. What do you do to stand out?

I do what I want, and ask questions later.

What have you learned about working in New York on the various projects we talked about, and what advice can you offer young people who are trying to become photographers themselves?

Always trust yourself, self-doubt is the root of failure. At the same time listen to the advice and more importantly the mistakes that others have made before you. Avoid their mistakes and make your own.

Stay on track and follow Radiant Room.

written by birgitbuchart on 2018-09-22 #news #people #videos

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    Really love the palm trees and set up! Everything looks awesome! www.ctpalmtrees.com

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