Art of the Platinum Print, Exhibition by Gilles Lorin


The work of French photographer Gilles Lorin is anything but normal. His carefully crafted prints and images play around with contrast, shadow and light, and touches on the theme of mortality. His fantastic work with various traditional photographic processes gives his images a serious tone, brooding visuals, and alternative effects like his glistening photos made with gold leaf. His work will be in full view of the public, from its intricate processes to final product, with his upcoming exhibition with Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß.

© Gilles Lorin

Gilles Lorin is a skilled darkroom technician and a gifted photographer. His work with platinum palladium printing, glass negatives, and photogravure has set his images apart from the crowd. 30 of his prints will be on display at the Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß in Berlin, Germany this September 26 until November 22, 2018. Lorin’s images will be divided into different categories such as Memento Mori, Classical studies, portraits, and flower still lifes. The artist will also talk about his works and techniques at the exhibition.

© Gilles Lorin

As modern technologies take over, it’s always comforting to know that there are people like Lorin who keep the old ways alive. His expertise in this field of photography and darkroom processes is nothing short of amazing. The images he produces are works of art — carefully created, masterfully printed, and should be thoughtfully preserved.

Information used in this article was sourced from Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß and The Eye of Photography. If you’re interested in Gilles’ work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

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