A Preview: Indonesia's Soul Scape Road, by Oscar Motuloh


Reporter-turned-photographer Oscar Motuloh is fascinated by the mysteries of life. He is only able to express his musings on these mysteries through his photos thanks to years and years of being a photojournalist.

This Indonesian creative is one of Asia's most influential photographers. He is also the founder and frontman of Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara which aims to elevate photography's role as a means of communication.

© Oscar Motuloh

When asked about the seeming melancholy that is present in his more personal works, Oscar responded in an interview that he “personally... has always been attracted to something that is mysterious, something that has not been proven by science. When someone dies, they will never return to share his/her experience [of dying] right? So we can only question it. Death is an inevitable occurrence in our lives, I played around with that idea. I do this every time I finish reporting, where I spare the time afterwards to take personal photographs that interest me.”

This fascination with death led Oscar to create a trilogy using photographs. Being true to his craft as a photojournalist, he used this trilogy as a commentary on Indonesia's political state.

Here's a short video clip about one of Oscar's best works, Soul Scape Road:

Soul Scape Road is part of Oscar's trilogy exploring and expounding on death. Oscar's note on this project goes as:

“Soul Scape Road is a part of a trilogy that I made about death.... highlighting the catastrophe that occurred in [the political history of] Indonesia and how the events were reflected. When I am reporting, I would capture images as a witness to tell people “This is what happened in point A”. For Soul Scape Road, I captured the shots personally, so the images are my personal reflections of the news. Usually, the images are purely landscapes and objects — if there are people in it, their role in the picture is minor. My objective in exhibiting these images is to incite a feeling of ‘appreciating life’ from imagining themselves in that situation. That is rough idea behind it.”

To hear more about Oscar's interesting work, head here.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    WOWOWOW great Indonesian master series 👍 Oscar Motuloh was one of my idol back at my college era circa 2002 because I was majoring in journalistic so I read lot of joutnalistic photo than an art photo at that time and the article about oscar at tempo magazine or at kompas newspaper or anywhere are always interesting to read. His photo are unique. He also collecting laser disc movie

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