Sunflower Bean Tour Diary and Giveaway

LomoAmigos Sunflower Bean shot some instant photos for us surrounding the release of their newest album, Twentytwo in Blue. Read on below for a chat with the band and find out how you can win a new camera and one-of-a-kind book with photos shot by the band themselves.

It’s been a few months since we last talked to you - back then your album "Twentytwo in Blue" just came out. What’s been going on? Have your lives changed since the release?

Lots of touring! Things have definitely gotten busier. Anytime we aren't on the road, we are working on new music. We haven't had a lot of downtime this year.

You’ve been on tour pretty much all the time since spring and still have a long way to go ahead of you. Can you give us a little BTS? What does a regular tour day look like for you?

We've been on the road non-stop since September 2017. 2018 has been a very busy year and it's not slowing down. We start our tour with Interpol in a couple weeks and then have another headline tour in Asia and the UK and then finally wrap up the year back in NYC, where we will be playing Warsaw on December 7th.

Each day on tour varies slightly. Some days you have to drive for 2 or 4 hours and some days you're in the van for 8 or even 12 hours. But mostly we get to a city, go straight to the venue, load in, soundcheck, eat dinner, play the show, go to a hotel, and then wake up and do the whole thing all over again. Although, we do try to fit in as much as possible. If we have time, we like to thrift and walk around. We love food so fitting in the best meal the city has to offer is a top priority.

Touring also means a lot of waiting around - on the tour bus or backstage. What do you normally do to keep busy? Any weird hobbies or games you’re playing?

Podcasts fill the void while we are waiting around. We also are all playing Mario Cart on our phones at the moment.

We gave you a Lomo’Instant Automat to document your life on the road. How did you like shooting instant photos on tour?

Instant photos are great for the tour because unlike film, you don't have to wait to see how they turn out. Plus they are way better than just your average iPhone photos.

You’ve created this cute little instant photo album to give away. I’m sure the lucky winner would love a story or two to one of the photos. Can you pick one and tell us a bit about that moment you captured?

A lot of these photos were taken at SXSW. We had the craziest schedule and were running around in the heat eating as many tacos as humanly possible. The one of Jacob playing the piano is fun one. That was taken at our Airbnb, which had this huge open living room space with great acoustics. There's also two in there of us playing at Hotel Vegas which is one of the hot spots at SXSW. You always run into friends at that venue.

What’s your favorite part about touring?

Getting to go to each of these cities that we otherwise probably wouldn't have traveled to. We really do love food so getting to take that in from each city is a huge plus. But maybe the best thing is getting to meet teenagers and people our age and just talking to them. Seeing them as excited about music as we are is truly special.

What are you looking forward to right now? Any cool things coming up?

We've been working on some new music. I think that's as much as we can say about it for now. But this tour with Interpol is going to be really cool. They are one of the last huge bands to come out of NYC so it's special to us as an NYC band to get to play with them. We are directly supporting them throughout the US, playing some of our own midwest headline dates, and then getting to play with them and The Kills at these massive venues in California, like the Hollywood Bowl. We also are super excited to be going back to Asia — Japan especially. It's one of our favorite places in the world!

Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! Any last words to our community and the future owner of your photo album?

We hope you enjoy it! We are definitely better musicians than we are photographers haha.

Giveaway Alert!

To celebrate Sunflower Bean's newest release, "Twentytwo in Blue", we are giving away a photo album filled with photos taken by the band themselves, as well as a Lomo'Instant Panama so you can document your own memories!

To enter, click on this link and enter your info and tell us what your favorite song off the new album is. Good luck!

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