Rule Breaker — Rita Maria on Shooting with the Simple Use Film Camera


Not one to play by the rules, Rita Maria takes photographs on the spur of the moment. Carrying a couple of Simple Use Film Cameras, she headed to the CPH open, one of the most awaited skating event in Europe, to capture the cool and carefree atmosphere beyond the ramps.

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine, Rita! How did your interest in film photography start?

My dad bought my first camera, a Polaroid 600 Spice Cam. The year was '97 and Spice Girls were taking over the world. I played around with that for a bit and bought my first Holga from a flea market when I was 13. It took five years for me to start testing different types of films and other cameras.

You recently went to CPH Open, one of the biggest skate competitions in Europe. What is it about skating that appeals to you the most?

People. Everyone’s a winner.

We absolutely love the cool and carefree vibes from these photographs you shot with the Simple Use Film Camera. Can you tell us more about them?

Thanks, legend. I appreciate it. I don’t know anything about cool and I don’t really care about the lack of focus, low quality, or rule of the thirds. In my opinion, there’s a certain level of steeziness (style and ease) in shooting with disposable cameras that fits into capturing genuine moments. To me, every photo is valuable as it is. Out-of-focus, flawed, whatever. Actually, the more twisted, the better. The same goes for people.

How does the Simple Use Film Camera fit into your shooting style?

Being aware of these “unwritten” rules of photography makes me want to do the exact opposite, as idiotic as it sounds. If I were to find the best angles for shots everyone else is going for, I would definitely suck. The world is full of talented and driven peeps who take amazing, perfectly-composed photos and I have tremendous respect for their work. I just can’t see myself getting hyped on that. I guess disposable cameras fit into a certain style of doing things: The less you give a fuck, the better.

This coming October, you’re heading to Melbourne. What are you looking forward to the most on this next adventure?

Good times with good people. I hope to write, shoot, and cruise as much as I can. Eat fresh veggies, dance, ride a bicycle. Enjoy life.

Any dream project or collaboration?

I feel like they will just come naturally. That being said, I just spent the entire afternoon writing grant proposals for an analogue photobook about people experimenting with film. Let’s see what happens.

Any advice that you’d like to give to young artists who want to pursue photography?

Well, we are all going to die in one way or another.

Thank you for sharing your snapshots with the Simple Use Film Cameras, Rita!

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  1. beblo
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    ABOUT: Any advice that you’d like to give to young artists who want to pursue photography?
    Well, we are all going to die in one way or another.
    My comment: What an answer!

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