New York Fashion Week 2018: Behind the Scenes with Christopher Logan

Backstage at CustoBarcelona by Christopher Logan

It's that time of the year again, the streets of New York turn into runways and the city seems to be one big fashion show. New York Fashion Week spreads its glamorous atmosphere throughout the city but only a few lucky people get a glimpse at the core of it all. Christopher Logan is one of them and was once again invited to join designers and models backstage to witness how the magic is created.

Sherri Hill by Christopher Logan

We have equipped Christopher with our Neptune Convertible Art Lens System as well as the Petzval 85 and sent him off to report back for us. With his eye for fashion and details, Logan captured the beautiful and stressful moments behind the stage. Moments with only one aim: perfection. One can hardly imagine the pressure and tension in these minutes, right before the designer's latest creations are finally going out onto the runway and into the world, only to be judged by the industry's most critical eyes.

Romeo Hunte by Christopher Logan

New York Fashion Week is a dream for photographers: models in high-end fashion as far as you can see. Everyone trying to get their runway shots. However, we are more than happy to once again have photographer Christopher Logan exclusively shooting and reporting for Lomography magazine. Because he is one of the lucky ones who are invited to take their camera beyond the runway.

Namilia by Christopher Logan

His photos, taken with our Art Lenses, create this very unique atmosphere we have fallen in love with in the previous years already. Glamour disenchanted. High Heels rushing through the room. The world's most beautiful faces illuminated by their iPhone screens. Dresses defining the future's fashion trends are waiting in line for their big moment. Logan's photos capture all that. They capture the stress, the pressure, just as much as the beauty and glamour.

Hi Christopher! Thank you for taking us backstage at the NYFW again, how was it this time?

This season at NYFW the amount of diversity from previous years truly stood out, from the casting to the models to the creative teams backstage. It was great to see to see the talents of so many people.

What did you think about the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System?

I fell in love with the Neptune Art Lens System, it's super compact and I'm able to swap lens in a moments notice.

And what are your thoughts on the Petzval 85?

In addition to being a great conversation starter, The Petzval 85 produces such intimate images, making every image seem like a dream, that lens has really changed and shifted my work in such a beautiful direction.

Kozaburo (1–5), Hogan McLaughlin (6–9) and CustoBarcelona (10–16) by Christopher Logan

Any last things?

There is defiantly a resurgence of analog photography in backstage work from photographers.

Thanks to Christopher Logan for sharing his impressions and photos with us.

written by birgitbuchart on 2018-10-08 #gear #news

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