Batik and Photography: Malaysian Artist Yee I-Lann and Her Boogeyman Exhibition

A commentary on Southeast Asia's socio-political and economic elite, Malaysian artist Yee I-Lann's Boogeyman includes stunning photographs produced using the batik method. Yee I-Lann is renowned as a multi-disciplinary artist and also recognized for her nationalism.

L-R: Yee I-Lann, ‘Kain Panjang with Petulant Kepala’, 2010 | Yee I-Lann, ‘Kain Panjang with Parasitic Kepala’, 2010 | Images courtesy of Valentine Willie Fine Art

Boogeyman explores "Orang Besar". As Yee I-Lann explains, "the literal translation of 'Orang Besar' is ‘Big Person’, a common term dating back centuries and used throughout the Southeast Asian archipelago to denote a person of elite socio-political-economic standing in a community. The works illustrate the Orang Besar structure, the body politic, and how this continues to be a major character in the region’s political and economic nature in our modern society."

Yee I-Lann further describes her work as a take on "the local body politic, the birth of Malaysia as a nation, piracy and resistance." The Boogeyman series was created using photomedia, batik, and pewter, and the exhibition is a collaborative project between Yee I-Lann, Valentine Willie Fine Art, and RogueArt.

L-R: Yee I-Lann, ‘Kain Panjang with Carnivorous Kepala’, 2010 | Yee I-Lann, ‘The Great Game of Congkak’, 2010 | Yee I-Lann, ‘Empires of Privateers and Their Glorious Ventures’, 2010 | Images courtesy of Valentine Willie Fine Art

Yee I-Lann shares that she "seeks resonances across history, landscape, memory and cultural identity" and that her "visual vocabulary is extensive — drawn from historical references, popular culture, topography, archives and everyday objects." She also notes that she is most comfortable working "primarily with photographic media."

To read more on Yee I-Lann and the Boogeyman Exhibition, head here and here.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-10-18

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