New Project From Intrepid Lets You Enlarge, Scan, and Digitize Your Photos

Seeing small companies who are passionate about the film photography industry and community is inspiring. One of those companies is Intrepid Camera Co. We’ve featured their most recent large-format camera a while back and now they have another follow-up to their growing stable of analogue tools. Welcome the Intrepid Enlarger!

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The UK-based company is widely known for their incredible large format cameras but now, they’ve created something portable. It’s made to conveniently fit inside a coat pocket so there’s no need to worry about it eating too much space. The Intrepid Enlarger is compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for photographers who are on the go. Not to mention that it assembles and stows away easily so you can use it just about anywhere — bathrooms, darkrooms, you name it.

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The real kicker in this story is that Intrepid decided to make a multi-function accessory. The Intrepid Enlarger doesn’t only let photographers enlarge their photographs, it also lets them use it to scan and digitize their photographs. It’s a little attachment that celebrates the spirit of DIY analogue photography. Users can take advantage of the Intrepid enlarger to create prints from their 4x5, 120, and even 35 mm negatives. And if you ask us, that’s just plain neat.

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As with their large format cameras, Intrepid made their new Enlarger with simplicity in mind. The Lightbox attachment easily clips onto the back of any 4x5 camera, and the addition of swappable negative carriers for different kinds of film formats make it all the more convenient. The same attachment that you can use for enlarging your pictures can also be used to scan and digitize your frames. All you have to do is use the attachment as a lightbox, take the negative holder for your film, and take a photo with a digital camera and tripod. It’s that easy.

Intrepid Camera Co. is definitely going in the right direction with the upcoming release of this project. They have been hard at work refining the details and design of their creation for two years and now, it’s finally taking shape. The Intrepid Enlarger is set to hit Kickstarter this October 4, 2018, and if you’re interested in owning one, you should definitely go and place your pledges in. Kudos to Intrepid Camera Co. for a job well done. The future is indeed analogue.

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