Monday Moodboard: Gorgeous Gradients

Down with the blues? Let a dose of color put a smile back on your face! Monday is the perfect time don your rainbow-colored glasses and storm out the door, ready to conquer the world! Color your dull Monday mornings with the spectacular Monday Moodboard spectrum. Grab your favorite film camera, load up our trusty Lomography Color Negative 800 for maximum color tonality and head outdoors. The sky is your canvas all you need to do is snap up those majestic gradients. Or spice up the every day with colour gels, and soak the world in heartwarming hues!

Credits: shanti929, theblues, penya, pepper-b, txr53, bkucukb, smolda, chmoo, jarko, suizidekid, hodachrome, samajo17, vikkki, sandravo & clownshoes

Don't forget to share your own eye-candy shots by uploading them to your LomoHome.

2018-09-17 #culture #monday-moodboard #film-gradients

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