Clara abi Nader to Exhibit Homeland Analogue Shots in Paris

Our friend Clara abi Nader is back to share a new milestone in her analogue photography career as she prepares to showcase her work in the exhibition "Going Back / Land of Quests" at L'Inattendue Gallery, Paris, opening 17 September.

Exhibition poster

The exhibition will focus on her series Au Retour, Clara’s artistic examination of her home country, Lebanon. Clara has shared this tale with us in an interview, and we highly recommend you check it out. This wonderful series focuses on the landscape, people, and architecture, mostly along the Lebanese coastline. Clara specifically used redscale film for the series to create the warm atmosphere of nostalgia.

“There are not many photos where you will recognize this country, I want to take it out of context, history, and politics. These are images that are empty of human - or almost empty - I have never felt a belonging to this society, I could never really photograph it.” explained Clara.

Clara's oeuvre is mostly shot on film, aiming to chase fleeting moments of deep human experience as seen in her series Clara dans la Rue, On Hair and Women and Driving the Car.

© Clara abi Nader

What’s more, the upcoming exhibition will also feature the series Land of Quest by reporter-photographer Mathilde Azoze, who focuses on Lebanese streetscapes. Azoze said in her artist statement: “At the end of my adolescence, I left Lebanon with hundreds of questions about this small country in search of identity. Today, I go back there, to understand what I was so fascinated with. Questioning my own identity, I search for what is missing in me, and I try to understand myself through this paradoxical country.”

Together, Clara and Mathilde are in a search for personal answers regarding the socio-political state of their home countries using their cameras as a means of communications and understanding.

© Clara abi Nader

The show is open until 29 September.

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