First Impressions: Mitchell Wojcik with the Diana Instant Square

Mitchell Wojcik, who works right here at our Lomography NYC office, took the new Diana Instant Square for a test run this summer. We chatted with him to find out what he thought of shooting with the camera.

©Mitchell Wojcik

Hi Mitch! Welcome back to the magazine. Tell us — what projects have you been working on lately?

Hey, thanks for having me! Always good to be back. As of recent, I just worked with the band Basement to create a whole new set of press photos for their album cycle and artwork as well as the album art for Drug Church's new album "Cheer." Beyond that, I've just been hanging out and taking photos of my friends and whatever else is going on in life.

What would you define photography as in your own words?

I'd define it as remembering or showing the world the way you want to.

©Mitchell Wojcik

How'd you get into photography? What's your photo origin story?

I have always had cameras. Even as a kid, I would take photos on a Ninja Turtles 110 film camera. Honestly, the passion for it developed further in my early teens when I started going to local shows with a point and shoot digital camera. I wanted to document what was happening at the time, what I was doing with my friends, and the places I was going.

What motivates you to shoot film? What qualities does it have that you can't find in digital formats?

I shoot film because it gives me a feeling that I had way back when I was young and looking through old photos of my family. Seeing the ability to have something tangible, it's unpredictability (well sometimes), and the colors that you can pull from a specific film.

©Mitchell Wojcik

Have you worked with instant photography before? If so, what's been your experience?

I have! Early on, it was when Polaroid was still Polaroid and I could easily buy the film from a local drug store. I was shooting a ton with my SX-70 then before moving to a 600SE a few years later before this whole pack film debacle. Also, I was able to be a part of Lomography's Glass Automat, Instant Square, and the Diana Instant camera tests. Testing those were a blast and it's always fun to play with something new.

Working with the Diana Instant Square, what do you think sets it apart from other cameras you've worked with?

I think what sets the Diana Instant Square apart from most cameras is it's spontaneity and it's aversion to structure. Take away anyone's rules and guides and it gives you the ability to play, to be absent-minded, to be frivolous. It gave me the opportunity to be present and just enjoy a moment without overthinking the action of capturing the moment.

©Mitchell Wojcik

Where do you see yourself bringing the Diana Instant Square? If you had to travel with it, where would you go?

anywhere :-)

What advice would you give to new Diana Instant Square users?

Just have fun and don't worry about it.

Order the Diana Instant Square from our Online Shop! If you want to keep up with Mitchell's work, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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