Fuji Cheki 55

Fuji Cheki 55 is an instant cam, but moreover Fuji cheki 55 is LOVE!

Well… You think about the old Polaroid of your (old) uncle. But instant photography has gone through some changes over the years. The development time is shorter and film cartridges do not have the battery inside them (good for our mother earth!). And, at least: you mustn’t shake the picture! Your wrist is happy!

The size? Imagine the size of a Holga. But 10 pictures are waiting for you inside.

A really good thing is the self-adjustable shutter speed: no question about how much light there is. The cam automatically adjusts the shutter speed, a bit like a LCA. Okay, there is a choice with this cam. But a quite simple choice: there is two ranges depending on the distance. The built-in flash decides when you need light, woot woot woot for people who always forget the flash! Is it an easy cam? Yes, for sure!

There is a self- timer for continuous shots. I must confess that I discover it a few minutes ago, after a read on the usage guide… So I try it with my favourite lab rat (a friend) and it works perfectly, so you can really set it up and take two shots, separated by a 10 second delay. I’m definitively in love.

My beloved tips and tricks : “don’t think, just let people shoot!”
Put the cam on a table during a party, a birthday is perfect. Put some film cartridges in your pocket. Let people take pictures, sometime, of course, change the empty cartridge. Give some pictures – the size is like a credit card, perfect, just enough “mini”- write a funny word in the white part of the picture. At the end of the party, if you can, try to found all the pictures in the apartment. Of course, you will found some of them in strange places (refrigerator, bed). Some will be very strange, maybe sexually explicit; many of them will be covered with alcohol. (But instax mini films can be washed, with water, slowly).

Rule 08 of lomography: “You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film”.

With this cam, “beforehand” means 3 minutes. Isn’t it great? For sure it’s great!

Check out the Instax microsite here

written by anglemort on 2008-09-24 #gear #review #instax #fuji

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