Love at First Shot: Brian Bruno with Color Negative F2 / 400 120


The unstoppable duo Brian Bruno and Audrey Kitching sent back their first roll of Lomography Color Negative F2 / 400 120 film only days after they received their first order.

To be honest, we weren't super surprised about how quickly the creative dream team filled that roll, what surprised us, however, are their stunning results on their first try.
A simple natural setting is all they ever need to create their own fairy tale. With Audrey Kitching as graceful as ever, Brian Bruno once again left us in awe and speechless. Which is why we let him do the talking. Read here about his first experience with the Lomography Color Negative F2 / 400 120 film.

Welcome back in our magazine, Brian. You’re a regular here, so we weren’t surprised when you sent us your first results from the Color Negative F2/ 400 120 film, only days after the rolls left our warehouse. Why were you so eager to test it out?

This is my favorite film that Lomography has released! I loved the 35mm I knew the 120 would be amazing.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you put the film to use? What camera & speed did you use and why?

I used my Hasselblad and shot at low ISO since it is expired stock. But I will experiment more on different ISOs.

You shot with your muse Audrey Kitching outside amongst flowers and a lot of green. Was this a shoot you would have done with any film or did you pick location and model specifically for the Color Negative F2/400 120 film?

With the 35 mm we shot at a greenhouse, so I knew we wanted to take advantage of the summer colors outside this time.

Expectation vs. results. What’s your first impression of the Color Negative F2/400 120 film?

I wasn’t disappointed at all! The Lomography Color Negative F2 / 400 120 film is truly special!

How would you describe the aesthetic of the film?

It’s super cinematic, which I love in my films.

Since this was a very limited film, a lot of people are hesitant to shoot it and want to wait for the perfect occasion. Do you have any tips for them?

Even though it’s super limited, it’s worth being shot, if you have some, just to see the beautiful results.

What’s going on with you? Any new projects coming up? Spoiler, please!

I started to shoot for my next Polaroid book!

See more of Brian Bruno's work on his Instagram and follow Audrey Kitching's wonderful dreamworld on her Instagram.

2018-09-23 #gear


  1. beblo
    beblo ·

    After viewing the 18 photo samples above from my basic computer notebook, I observed that: The quality of each photo is very consistent in terms of color, brightness, contrast, resolution/sharpness, and clarity.

  2. starladawnndl
    starladawnndl ·

    The results are absolutely stunning

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