Monday Moodboard: Starting the School Semester


September has begun and we've bid farewell to the summer sun. Many among us resent going back to school — more books, piles of homework, endless projects and difficult exams — the list goes on. An innocent kindergartener would probably have a more optimistic view on the matter, excited to meet new friends and play in the school grounds. While those long-time students among us are gritting our teeth, reminding ourselves that it's for the betterment of our future. Let's make this transition from summer sun to school hall more enjoyable by snapping a fresh snap of you, your sibling or child prepping for this important day!

Say hello to the new academic year with this week's Monday Moodboard!

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Snap a pic of your kid's, or your own first day of school and make sure to immortalize that special day by uploading them to your LomoHome.

2018-09-10 #culture #monday-moodbord

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