Pop Tunes and Instant Views: DCF Explores the Lomo'Instant World

“Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?” (Nick Hornby, High Fidelity)

Somehow pop music has become this genre, everyone at least steps into at one point in their life, but no one wants to admit it. Not even pop musician like to use the term. But exceptions prove the rule, as we know. In pop music the exception is David Charles Fischer, short DCF.

DCF isn't afraid to love pop music. Neither is he afraid of going analog. That's why we asked him to get his brave hands on a Lomo'Instant and give us a glimpse into his world of pop.

Hi and welcome to the magazine, can you introduce yourselves a bit?

Hey!! My name is David Charles Fischer and I make pop music :-)

Have you worked with photography before? If so what was your experience?

I love shooting film! I starting shooting about two years ago on point and shoots and haven't looked back since. I love how you get what you get with film, its all about the experience.

How'd you get started in music?

I started making music when I was in high school! I played Trombone in a ska band and learned to play guitar so I could write my band songs.

You seem to be an observer, shooting whatever is around you. What did you like about having a tangible camera on you to shoot with?

It was really nice to get in the rhythm of seeing something cool and being able to document it in a super unique way. The payoff with the instant camera is well, instant, which I'm not used to. That was really amazing. Being able to learn from your last shot almost immediately felt pretty crazy.

Working with the Lomo'Instant, how'd you enjoy using the camera?

The camera was super different from anything I've ever shot on. I got really into messing around with all the settings and was pretty blown away by the spectrum of results such a little camera could provide. I loved the colours this thing was able to capture, super unique!

What did you like about working with instant photography?

I loved how portable it was! The colors it's able to capture, and just the style of the photos. It really does produce a very cool picture. It basically puts a really cool filter on everything you shoot. I liked how easy it was to get rolling on, and how basically 100% of your shots were cool and usable. I shoot a lot of film and the success rate is a lot lower per roll!

How do you see yourself using the camera, where would you like to ideally bring it?

The minute I started shooting on it, I immediately thought about bringing it to Cuba. The camera kind of puts a dark/faded filter on everything, and I think against the super bright pastel landscape of Cuba it could get some crazy results.

What can we see from you in the future?

Lots and lots more pop songs!!

Check out DCF's Instagram.

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