Rob Ryan's Fisheye Masterpiece


This little camera was my very first Lomography camera. She’s to blame for this obsession that has befallen me after seeing the magic that can come out of such cute and deceitful cameras.

So I’m a student composer and I have owned a few digital cameras before in my life, but I never really payed much attention to photography. A few months ago I went to visit my girlfriend who was studying in Los Angeles, California at the moment. While on my mini vacation, she took me to her favorite store: Urban Outfitters. I visited the store approximately 5 times in the week I was there, but it wasn’t until my last visit to the store that I decided to get something for myself.

On a shelf there was this very peculiar and colorful box with circle pictures and distorted images. I was very intrigued when I realized it was a camera and even more astounded by the beauty of colors in the design. It was in fact a special edition Lomography Fisheye Camera by Rob Ryan. And then I thought to myself… ‘Hey I’m on vacation, I have the right to take back a few souvenirs for myself.’ And so I headed over to the counter and payed.

When I opened the box I was far too excited, but since I had never used film before, I read the instruction booklet and learned everything I needed to know about the camera. So I loaded the film and started snapping away on my way back to Puerto Rico.

When I got the first results from the Lomography Color Negative film, I was shocked that such beautiful pictures had been produced by such a cute looking camera. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/100 so all the photos are always very sharp and in focus. It covers approximately 170 degrees of your surrounding so you never miss anything you intend to capture! It has a built-in flash which is almost always necessary when shooting at night or indoors, since the fast shutter doesn’t give much chance for light to get in.

What I love most about this camera is the fact that it’s so small you can always carry it with you, and because of it’s peculiar design, thanks to Rob Ryan, whenever you take a photograph, people stare and ask ‘Is that a real camera?’, so it’s always a good conversation opener and a great way to meet strangers.

The only downside I find with this camera in comparison to the other Lomo cameras, is the lack of long exposures and multiple exposures [even though you can always rewind and shoot again], but the Lomography folks quickly made up for it when they created the Lomography Fisheye No. 2.

written by reneg88 on 2010-08-26 #gear #review #urban-outfitters #lomography #fisheye #rob-ryan


  1. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    cool, I'll go to my local UO to see if they have it here, I'm sure my niece would adore this one :D

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    So loving beauty. But I think for those people ;who are creative and have design talents can buy a white version and paint their own,:}} hahaaha

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