Why You Should Keep Taking Photos


Nothing ever really prepares us for anything, especially with the future. Things just go by so quickly that we often get left behind. That also includes photography. Who would’ve known that taking pictures would be as common as sand on the beach?

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With that said, there are millions of pictures made every day and the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So as a photographer, you might have asked yourself “Why take photos” when there’s probably some image out there that's already existing? The answer is simple — you haven’t given the world your version of the image, yet.

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You should keep taking photographs because only you can give your own version of that scene. Every photographer hits the shutter for their own unique reason, and so should you. Don’t worry about similarities, they happen. What matters is that you’ve done your part as a creator of memory, a purveyor of art, a thoughtful photographer. The photos you take are yours and no matter what criticism your work may receive, remember that it’s part of the hobby/career you ventured into.

Express yourself in your own way and snap that photo of your loved one even if there’s a possibility that there’s a similar shot. Who cares? That’s your man/lady and you want to show your love by capturing that moment on film. Celebrate life by photographing your perspective of the stories you play a part in.

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Take that shot because you might regret not doing so. Nothing is as annoying as regret so why not take the photo? What’s stopping you? Opportunities are rare and even the great photographers before you know that. Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment would be someone else’s tagline if he hadn’t recognized its existence. Trust your gut and take action.

No one ever gets better with too much hesitation. Stopping yourself from taking a photo is like putting stones in your pockets before going for a swim — they drag you down. By deciding to hit that shutter, you’re already on your way to getting better at what you do. Every frame you capture is another notch in your belt.

These are just some reasons why you should keep your finger on the shutter, ready for the next shot. We’re sure that there are a million more reasons and maybe you can share yours, too. Sound off in the comment section below and let yourself be heard!

written by cheeo on 2018-09-22 #culture #editorial #film-photography

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  1. srcardoso
    srcardoso ·

    " you haven’t given the world your version of the image": the world doesn't care about your images... if you want to take picture, take it for your own pleasure, your own personnal development, for your memory, but don't expect the world to claim for your version of the image. Not nowadays anyway...

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