Places to Go for Traveling Lomographers: Embankment Station

The Embankment Station in Westminster may just be an ordinary and mundane stopover for the average commuter. But to the keen eye of a Lomographer, it's a unique and under-the-radar spot for creative street captures. Even if you're just passing through the station, you might want to spare a few minutes for this place.

What makes Embankment Station so picturesque compared to the other tube tunnels in the London Underground is it’s tiled walls, making compositions more interesting and thought-provoking. The station is divided into two parts, the sub-surface station which has the Charing Cross Station District Railway, and the deep-level platforms which connect the Bakerloo Railway and the C+E&H Railway. This particular architectural arrangement already makes the station a creative's dream destination.

Based in London, our resident Lomographer Iain, a.k.a. @lomomowlem suggested the perfect time to snap away this underground wonder “One of the best times to visit is in the morning between 10 and 11.30 when 'rush hour' has finished and it's possible to wander around in relative peace and quiet.”

Credits: hodachrome, lomomowlem & fotobes

But wait! There's even more to this particular station, says @lomomowlem:

“Be sure to investigate every level of the station as there are a wide variety of tunnels to shoot and some of the best are those that link one line to another. Also, allow plenty of time to simply lose yourself down there, that's the surest way to discover some great angles.”

We suggest using our art lenses or cameras like the LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens or the Lomography Fisheye for even more surreal compositions. For those unfamiliar with Embankment Station, you can get your directions through the Google Maps.

Got some underrated local spots worth the snapshot? Share those locations by commenting below!

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