Moments in Monochrome

Even in the absence of bright colors, a monochromatic photograph is capable of expressing different moods. When you shoot in black and white, you can be mysterious or glamorous, somber or eerie. You can be smooth and sharp, or gritty and grainy.

Credits: mushlenny

Color photographs have it easy — for instance, a single shock of vivid red will immediately demand attention. Even more so when it's a symphony of colors in one photo. But a monochromatic portrait? It's a silent invitation for a second glance. It lures you into lingering, to look in more depth.

Credits: lomalex, mushlenny, fredericdith, opon21 & warning

Take advantage of your monochromatic palette and experiment with how light casts shadows on your subject. Use flash to amplify the contrast. Don't be afraid of the dark, and go flash-less for mysterious long exposures. It's about time to explore the magic of black and white!

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2018-10-21 #35mm #black-white #lomography-earl-grey

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