Singapore's Lee Wen: Performance Art and 20 Years of Ping-Pong Go Round


Singaporean performance and contemporary artist Lee Wen has been a part of Singapore's art scene since the 1990s. Since then he has produced numerous successful pieces, but one of them stands out from the rest — that is his Ping-Pong Go Round installation which started in 1998 in Melbourne.

Ping-Pong Go Round is Lee Wen's take on dialogue only to be experienced through interactive art. He describes this piece as a “round Ping-Pong table made out of plywood. It is made up of 15 tabletops to be set up as doughnut-shaped. The diameter is 6 meters across. Players play from inside to another player on the outside.”

L-R: Ping-Pong Go Round covered by the Straits Times Newspaper in 1998; Ping-Pong Go Round at the 7th Kuala Lumpur Triennial BARRICADE, PUBLICA in 2013

Art is open to interpretation and Ping-Pong Go Round is no exception. However, Lee Wen gives us a little glimpse into what his work means to him. Describing that “the game itself is like a dialogue between players on opposite sides. Would it be possible to change its shape to that like a conference table? By making it a doughnut round shape with no borders towards the left and right side, a different perception of the limitations of the preceding game gives new possibilities of a broader dialogue.”

Ping-Pong Go Round at various exhibitions worldwide

Ping-Pong Go Round made its debut in 1998 and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018.

Get to know more about his recent work and accomplishments despite his battle with Parkinson's Disease — head over to his website.

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