Around the World in Analogue: Venice, Italy


“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations around the globe, as told by the members of the Lomography community. Today, Lomographer Pearl Rapalje (@koduckgirl) shares what makes Venice, Italy a must-visit city for anyone who likes exploring twisting alleyways and appreciates antiquated architecture.

“Having backed the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System on Kickstarter I took the opportunity to back the trip offered to Vienna. To make it even more interesting for my husband and I, I added a side trip to Venice, Italy! It was my first time in Italy and my husband’s first time in Europe and we both fell in love with the magic of Venice! We absolutely loved the whole no-vehicles-of-any-sort-except-boats city, especially because neither of us drive. It was a dream to freely walk everywhere.”
“The relaxed atmosphere of the piazzas and the beautiful architecture that makes Venice look like an opera set is mesmerising and very inspiring photographically to say the least! We loved the food and are now fully committed to drinking Grappa daily (imported solely from Venice, of course). Murano glass is everywhere and everywhere is made of Murano glass. It was impressive and mind-boggling and exquisite, we even got a special tour of the Murano glass blowing factory which blew us away!”
“The fact that Venice is mostly a vacation spot and can become a bit crowded and expensive did not bother us at all, frankly because it was fun to people watch. Although, gondolas and water taxis can be pricey, they are worth it. Plus a result of all the tourism, the services on the islands make them very accommodating and comfortable and it just depends on how you want to experience your stay and we chose to treat the place like it was treating us — very well.”

Thanks Pearl for all your great snaps with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System and Naiad Art Lens! Pearl captured her tales from abroad with a Nikon FE2 and Portra 800 film. To see more of Pearl's photographs, be sure to visit her LomoHome or follow her on Instagram.

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