Brotherhood and Fairyland: An Ode to Sibling Connections

Second Star to the Right is a photography series by Filipino photographer Geric Cruz which explores the bond between siblings — specifically, brothers. Heavily poetic, this series aims to express emotions and nostalgia through photos with a mix of fantasy.

Geric Cruz, Second Star to the Right

Geric's own narrative regarding his photo series sheds more light into his topic of choice and his goal for the series:

“They are brothers, sleeping under a purple sky pricked with firefly stars. Sometimes they go hunting, peering into wells for monsters, diving for mermaids, waiting hours for the last brown spider. Where one boy goes, another follows.”

“This is the story before the sun sets, before one boy goes and leaves the other behind. Their names are maybe Denver, maybe Karlo, Their names do not matter. They are every boy who ever had a brother, who found out alone that fireflies die and mermaids never lived.”

“These are memories, a gift, one brother to another, for every child who ever found the key to fairyland, and every man who tried to find his way back.”

Geric Cruz, Second Star to the Right

Geric boasts a portfolio of commercial projects, as well as a long list of photography exhibitions featuring his artistic works. Second Star to the Right is just one of his successful series. Head over to his website to check out the full scope of Geric's photography career.

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