Found in Translation: Feel the ‘Famn’

When the world pours down an emotional hurricane, sometimes we all just want to fall apart and let our feelings pour out. All the more do we need to do so when the scenarios worsen. That's why you should always remember to take a deep breath, pause, and find that special person whose famn will surely bring you warmth and comfort while the world rages on outside.

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The Swedish word famn comes from the Old Norse word ‘faõmr’. Literally translated, it would mean knee, or two embracing arms. Little can be learned about the true power of this Swedish word if you’re searching with English search engines. However luckily for us lexicographer Dr. Tim Lomas has simplified the word for everyone to understand. He wrote that famn is then area, or space within two arms. It can both work as a verb and as a noun — famna meaning ‘to embrace’, or the latter, which means ‘in my arms’.

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When you think about those grey days you can’t help but yearn for famn. When the world seems to turn its back on you, someone’s famn is where you look to for refuge and comfort. It could be the arms of your mother, friend or lover. Don't you know? You also have famn in you, too, and the people you love also reciprocate that all so human need for affection, for famn. So go on, don't be afraid to pull in that special someone for a loving embrace.

How about you? Whose famn do you belong to? Share it with us by capturing someone's famn and uploading the endearing portrait to your LomoHome.

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