Mixed Analogue — Photo Collages by Madalina Chilici

When you’re committed to the analogue life, you just don’t stop at taking photos. When able, you go beyond what your camera can do. Actually, Madalina Chilici goes beyond even what her camera doesn’t do.

© Madalina Chilici

In her new series, Madalina uses discarded and failed instant photographs as the base of her mixed media collages. She then added snippets from old magazines to create visuals that are undeniable analogue. The mere choice of cutting and pasting these materials together shows how devoted she is to the analogue process.

© Madalina Chilici

“It is about the hands-on approach that matters” Madalina quips as she describes her new photo project. As an artist, there is just an urge to do things by hand. Much like in film photography wherein you control much of the outcome. Thoughts are processed and transferred to the film. Even in failure, she sees an opportunity to express herself and her art. She mixes different things like fashion, the human body, animals, and other objects to add a playful twist to her photo collages. The result is a wild cocktail of visuals and inspirations. Seeing an artist transform what others would consider as 'rejects' into something artistic and representative of her views is just refreshing.

Madalina touches the idea of the photographer being the artist and producer in this series of photo collages. It's a study of visuals and landscapes as well as she takes two very different types of visual media and combines them to make an entirely new vessel for self-expression.

© Madalina Chilici

You may remember Madalina from an interview we ran a while back and we’re stoked to have her back again in the Magazine. We just hope that she doesn’t tire of chasing the spirit of creative pursuits. Our analogue community needs more people like her.

We would like to thank Madalina for letting us use her images in this Magazine feature.

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