Shooting Static and Silence on Film

An action-packed photo usually gives off an energetic, chaotic vibe — a rush of adrenaline, a quest for power. But quiet and still photos reveal a different mood — be it melancholic, mysterious, or romantic. Shadows which conceal detail and natural light that graces subjects ever so slightly also add an air of mystery to these silent portraits. If you plan on shooting stunning solitary photos and peaceful pictures, go for a discreet camera such as the Lomo LC-A+ or the Lomo LC-Wide.

Credits: porkchopsandy, lakritz, klive0420 & bebopbebop

Small and compact, these 35 mm cameras make it quick and easy to get perfectly exposed photos with fully automatic exposure control. Let their classic Russian lenses soak your frames in velvety vignettes, adding another dramatic layer to your snaps. With powerful contrast, stunning saturation and superb sharpness the Minitar-1 Lens does truly hold its own. It's the distinct Lomo LC-A+ look, soaking your snaps in unapologetic analogue aesthetics. If you're feeling bold enough to dabble with multiple formats, the Lomo LC-Wide gives you three options: full-frame, half-frame, and square. Both cameras give you the creative flexibility to shoot multiple exposures, too — they are your key to creative freedom!

Credits: p_child, akio_nakai & hodachrome

We're always inspired by the photographs that you share with the Lomography community, so don't forget to upload your best shots to your LomoHome! Drop by our Online Shop to get your own Lomo LC-A+ or Lomo LC-Wide or to check out our complete product lineup. Or why not visit one of our worldwide Gallery Stores — come and say hi!


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