Places to Go for Traveling Lomographers: Volksgarten

The Volksgarten, known as the People's Garden is the best destination for expense-free scenery to complete your summer photography diary. Opened in 1823, the public park is located in the Innere Stadt first district of Vienna.

Credits: grunrader, andreasehrenreich, neneohcs & grad

Community members Michael and Gerald, a.k.a. @neneohcs and @grunrader are very much fond of the garden flowers for a photo-op. The park is very famous for its Rose Garden, with over 3,000 rose bushes.

“If you visit during the right season, you will get to visit a garden with overwhelmingly gorgeous roses. Can you smell the photos? I am a huge fan of roses!” — @neneohcs

Lomographer @grunrader also suggested making the most out of the neoclassical piece of architecture found in the area for creative compositions. The Theseus Temple by Pietro di Nobile is a small-scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens.

“Don't forget to visit the current exhibition in the brightly white Theseus temple - a small museum built 200 years ago in the style of an ancient Greek temple. There also are a few fountains (with some resident ducks!) that might work well as a backdrop for your photos.” — @grunrader
Credits: dave9000, neneohcs, grunrader, pfphfraenghck, evilpete & andreasehrenreich

Other snap-worthy subjects you may find in the park are the various monuments and landmarks — such as the Empress Elizabeth monument, the Franz Grillparzer monument, the Triton and Nymph Fountain, and the Volksgarten Fountain.

Have any under-the-radar locations worth the shot? Leave us a comment below!

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