A Decade of Soul — Photos by Bruce Talamon


Photographer Bruce Talamon was witness to soul’s golden age. From 1972 through 1982, the young Los Angeles photographer was able to capture the energetic vibe upfront and even backstage of some of the greatest acts in soul, R&B, and funk. And you can rest assured that the images he took weren’t just sound checks, they’re the real deal.

Soul. R&B. Funk. © Bruce Talamon/TASCHEN Books

In his new book, Soul. R&B. Funk., Talamon showcases his largely unseen photos of musical groups and performers like Earth, Wind, & Fire, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, the Jackson Five, Chaka Khan, and Diana Ross just to name a few. The 376-page tome features the undeniable flair of the times, the groovy spirit of the 70s, and some of the most unforgettable acts that made that decade the golden age of soul music.

Soul. R&B. Funk. © Bruce Talamon/TASCHEN Books

Talamon’s new release isn’t just a photo book, it’s a historical account of this long-gone era of music. It’s also a documentary work that deserves attention, like the music that infiltrated the airwaves during the time. Soul. R&B. Funk is published by TASCHEN books, sourced from their Art Edition, and available in XL format. Photos are part of Bruce Talamon’s archives.

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    Nowaday in mainstream indonesia music i heard many motownish sound 😂

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    I WANT THIS!!!

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