An Instant Film Experiment with a Microwave

Berlin-based fashion and portrait photographer Oliver Blohm got experimental and created what he calls his "Hatzfrass" series with some instant film and a microwave.

Normally we would not recommend playing with fire... But sometimes the risk is worth the reward and these crispy creations are proof of just that. His experiment with microwaving instant photos make for both an interesting story and a notable experimental photography project. He shares more details about the “Hatzfrass” series in this interview.

© Oliver Blohm

Proceed with caution — this microwave project requires that the images be protected from getting too hot and subsequently burning completely! The key is to experiment with the burn times and play with the discolouration that comes after. Oliver notes that “it’s about the destruction. I wanted to play more and more with the texture, with the burns, with the flares.”

It's worth mentioning instant films undergo some chemical reaction when exposed to heat, which poses the obvious question of safety. When asked about the danger of the whole project, Oliver wasn't worried. He notes that “photographic processes, the coolest from the old times, are mostly dangerous and poisonous.”

© Oliver Blohm

If you're interested with trying this project, proceed with extreme caution —happy analogue experimentation! Want to find out more? Check out the full interview here.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-10-04 #culture #tutorials #tipster #instant-film #microwave #film-burning

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