Using Windows to Your Creative Advantage


While walking around with your camera, chances are you've passed by a window more than once and didn't realize its creative potential. Adorned with intricate details, paint peeling off the sides, or stained with history, windows make great subjects and they're bound to give your shots an extra oomph. Here, we share some visual inspiration for your next photo walk.

Credits: lolfox & lakritz

Windows As Your Subject

Not all windows are alike. They give character to a home and reveal a structure's history. Mundane as it may initially seem, they make great subjects. Get creative by incorporating light and shadows, shooting double exposures, or making colors pop by using color filters.

Credits: lazybuddha, mateja, why-yu, magicbus, brommi, vicuna, hodachrome & lolfox

Frame Your View

It's a no-brainer, but when you want extra detail in your composition, use windows to frame your subject. Straight, angular edges will help to dramatise a picture-perfect view, or draw the eye directly towards your subject.

Credits: mightymouse, annelie, powoui, bravebird, milaguerreiro & schwarzesauge

Do a Double Illusion

If you love the double exposure look, glass reflections can give you a similar effect. Move around and shoot from different angles, you'll be surprised how many unique photographs you'll come up with!

Credits: neja, selcuksubakar, gulsahbengu, luisaingrid, fabyen & jules31

We'd love to see how you incorporate windows into your photographs, so don't forget to share your favorite snaps on your LomoHome, or on social media with the hashtag #heylomography!


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  1. w-david
    w-david ·

    I have been shooting out windows as a project this past summer. I have been using mt Iphone and tablet for most of my images. I'm not ready to post just yet, and its not analog.

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