Top Tips for Rooftop Photography

Sprawling landscapes, sweeping cityscapes, and breathtaking seascapes — the view from the top is mesmerizing and humbling at the same time. There's nothing like the feeling of being on top of the world and taking in all the splendid view with your favorite camera.

Credits: gotoarizona

Keep an eye on interesting details: natural and man-made textures, geometric shapes and towering structures. Study how light and shadows fall at different times of the day, drawing lines and patterns on the grand view.

Credits: neja, magicbus & peropero

Lighting dictates the mood of your photos, so use it to your creative advantage. Capture the calm of the Blue Hour — that fleeting window before sunrise and after sunset when everything is enveloped in varying tones of blue. Catch the magic of Golden Hour if you love the fiery gradients of sunset and the soft glows of sunrise.

Credits: phiphu & gotoarizona

Try shooting from various angles, too. A slight tilt of the camera can make a dramatic difference. Explore various techniques such as long-exposures for nighttime scenes, tinting your images with color filters, or using wide-angle lenses and panoramic cameras to pack in all the details in one breathtaking shot!

Credits: gotoarizona, zulupt & bloomchen

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