How to Add Color Gradients in Your Shots

Got hooked on playing with colors, didn’t you? Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Vivid colors and lush tones are really where the party’s at. You can express so much just with the use of colors but the fun doesn’t need to stop there. We know a simple trick that can help you take your color game up a notch — use color gradients.

Credits: lafilledeer

Whatever your subject is, color gradients can make them look extra special. Imagine adding analogue effects to your shots at will. Let the different color combinations surprise you. Let us count the ways on how you can add color gradient effects to your photographs:

Use Special Films

Credits: lafilledeer, jennson, lomopolar & pinksakula

Some films like Revolog Kolor are formulated to have pre-exposed color gradients as effects. See the world from a different perspective — it’ll be like you’re wearing color glasses when you look at your pictures! What’s really neat about this approach is that every frame is unique. Talk about getting a surprise in every shot!

Go the DIY Path

Credits: juznobsrvr, haydenwilliams & faaabii

Looking for a more specific pattern or combination of colors? Fret not, you can create your very own color gradient effects at home. All you need is a computer screen and some color film! Make your own gradient effects using your computer and expose each frame of your roll. Rewind it and then load it back in your camera and head out! The community has a few tutorials so don’t be worried about the steps. Just keep experimenting!

Let Nature Take its Course

Credits: gendis, gotoarizona, alcastan & maximum_b

Specialized films and DIY color gradients are both great ways to achieve playful bursts of color, but sometimes it’s best to let nature do its job. Shooting under bright lighting conditions can create light flares and occasional light streaks across your images. This is nature’s way of showing you that art is also in its DNA.

How about you? Do you have some color gradient tips that you would like to share? Let yourself be heard and sound off in the comment section below! Every tip counts!

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