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Italy's known not only for its ancient city that is Rome, but its entirety as a country. It's a country filled with culture, art, and history wherever you go. Our true blue Lomographer @sirio174 takes us to a small village in Liguria named Porto Venere, one of the towns that make up the Cinque Terre, for pieces of literary history.

Here's @sirio174's guide personally written for the traveling Lomographer.

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Porto Venere, a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1997, is one of the most spectacular water amphitheatres of the Italian peninsula.

It is situated in the so-called Gulf of the Poets, so called because over the centuries several artists, including the Italian poet Eugenio Montale (Nobel Prize in Literature), the great composer Richard Wagner and Lord Byron (one of the greatest British poet), chose this small town as a destination for their stays, struck by its thrilling beauty. This place is a perfect destination for a weekend in every season of the year.

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Every tourist is enchanted by the so-called “Palazzata”, a succession of pastel facades facing the sea, along with the path leading to the rocky esplanade dominated by the Church of San Pietro, built in 1277 at the end of the promontory, in Gothic Genoese style.

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You can visit also the so-called Arpaya cave, which is accessed via a steep staircase that descends among the rocks. This is also known as Byron's cave in memory of the exploit of the poet Lord Byron, who from here swam up to Lerici (located at the opposite site of the gulf) to reach his friend Percy B. Shelley and his wife Mary.

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The famous green oysters, a variety cultivated in the Gulf with a delicate flavor and an unmistakable green color, deserve a taste.

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Its small beaches and its spectacular rocks make this place a fantastic summer location for a sunbath, to swim or even a dive!

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  1. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    Sirio is correct, it's a beautiful place!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I like none tourist destination and accompanied by local lomographer for lomowalk at place like this is my future goal 😀

  3. an4
    an4 ·

    very nice place to relax

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