Recording and Documenting with Keeva and the Lomo'Instant Automat


We talked to UK-based musician Keeva about her music and her experience using the Lomo'Instant Automat.

Hi Keeva, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello! I'm a songwriter + musician living in London. I try and write songs that capture a time in my life as honestly as possible. I also have a love for anything that is reminiscent of the 60's (and dogs).

What made you want to write music?

When I was younger, I wasn't great at expressing my own emotions in conversations with friends and family. I was definitely a bottler. I found creating and writing music was my only form of release in which I could be most eloquent with my emotions.

How did you find the Lomo’Instant Automat?

One of my friends had one at a party and I absolutely loved all the features on it, especially the multiple exposure!

What do you think the appeal of instant film is?

There's a certain type of nostalgia that comes with instant film, waiting for it to process is so much fun and filled with anticipation as to how it came out!

What about creating/making drives you?

The only thing that drives me to create are my emotions. As I said before, it's the only way I can say how I'm feeling in that moment in time. The more shows I've played the more I've seen people relate to the songs, which is always a bonus and makes that moment in time feel worthwhile, even if it felt like the worst thing ever.

Anything exciting happening in the future?

Yes! I'll be releasing my debut EP end of August which I can't WAIT for! A few tours and more music all to come in 2018/2019!

To hear Keeva's music visit her website.

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  1. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    Dig the instant shots!!! BTW my wife's name is Keeva also! Not many out there! :)

  2. lomographysoholondon
    lomographysoholondon ·

    great shots!

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