Meet the New Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0!


A Daring New Design

Life is big and beautiful, bursting with surprise twists and turns at every corner. Like a smiling face peeking out of a speeding train, an iridescent sunset dipping gently beneath the horizon, or a field filled with fun-loving festival-goers. Capture it all with the Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 — a color poppin’ wide angle camera with a whoppin' 106° field of view. Leave nothing unexposed and soak up your memories across the entire roll of 35 mm magic — sprockets and all!

Photo by purepaty

Originally released in 2011, we thought it was about time this colorful camera received a modern makeover! Rocking a terrific teal suit and stylish silver scrolling knobs — the Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 is ready and raring to start capturing your life from sea to summit in glorious analogue style.

Photo by nikollum

A Sprocket Dotted Delight

The Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 is an unapologetically analogue ambassador. This renegade is the world's only camera devoted to peppering your snaps with 35 mm film perforations. Analogue attitude is at the core of the Sprocket Rocket’s and Lomography's philosophy. Never miss a moment, never let a story go untold and no film unexposed.

Photo by frenchyfyl

Punchy Panoramas

All great photographs capture the bigger picture and — with its unique 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio — the Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 is made to do just that. With a super-wide 30 mm focal length, this creative camera boasts a brilliant 106° field of view. Not wide enough? No problem, simply use the rewind knobs to seamlessly blend together snaps and sculpture virtually endless panoramas.

Photo by ryszardl70

Super Saturated Multiple Exposure

Twist those shining control knobs to travel back in time to slice n’ dice together surreal scenes and mix n’ match memories with multiple exposures. Let the Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 splash your shots with saturated colors and snap away your days with a gorgeous analogue aesthetic.

Photo by bebopbebop

Available Worldwide

Grab your Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 and blast off on a new adventure. And don't forget to stock up on plenty of 35 mm film to feed your hungry new creative companion. We can't wait to see what amazing masterpieces you create with this teal dream machine! Upload your photos onto your Lomohome or share them on social media using the hashtags #sprocketrocketteal and #heylomography — our eyes are peeled!

Win Your Own Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0

If you're ready to take your panoramic photographs to new heights, swing by our Instagram Stories for a chance to win your own Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0! Simply screenshot our post, tag @lomography plus two of your friends, and share it on your own Instagram Stories with #sprocketrocketteal.

Photo by mafiosa

written by sameder on 2018-08-14 #gear #news #sprocket-rocket-teal-2-0


  1. davidobryan
    davidobryan ·

    Is it just a different color? Anything else changed?

  2. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    @davidobryan I think that the colour and the shiny knobs are the only differences...

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