Monday Moodboard: As Soft as Sofia


Mondays during summertime sometimes make you go running through the memory compartment. Escapism at best. Do you know what old memories would look like if they can be physically extracted? We think they're like scenes from a Sofia Coppola movie. Think The Virgin Suicides (1999), Marie Antoinette (2006) or the recent The Beguiled (2017). It's all soft and ephemeral. Wispy and toned like modern pictorialist shots. Go on and try putting this Sofia Coppola-inspired filter on your fondest memories with our Monday Moodboard.

Credits: hanibale, aloevra, merelgroebbe, dayatla, nickpage, werriston, andrejrusskovskij, thatsweston, brettallensmith, manon-vacher, buckshot, reiga, why-yu & federicosciuca

Inspired by the renowned female auteur's distinct cinematography? Try translating the style on to your Lomographs and upload them in your LomoHome.

2018-08-13 #culture #monday-moodboard #as-soft-as-sofia

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