Let the Light Leak In


Light leaks are a distinctly analogue phenomenon that can from time to time grace your snaps in sporadic splashes of color. The source of these brilliant burst of light can be attributed to fat rolls (if it's medium-format film) accidentaly opening you camera by mistake, or a crack in the camera/lens itself — essentially any time excess light sneakily slips into your camera.

Credits: montagu

They are unpredictable and random, but light leaks can bring character to a photo. Sometimes there's a color shift, making your shot a bit warmer, moodier, or dreamier. While you can't be sure exactly when or where a light leak is going to show up on your photo, you can be sure about one thing: it will make your shot unique and authentic!

Credits: jennson & roman_sekatsky

Cameras like the Diana F+ are known to produce great light leaks, in fact its part of the Diana’s iconic style. But if you want to do it on your own, or create larger leaks why not try opening your cameras back door slightly and very quickly, between shots. Just be lightning fast and super careful, otherwise you'll risk exposing the entire roll of film. Proceed with caution and only if you're feeling brave and adventurous!

Credits: gotoarizona, lonur & samajo17

Community member gateau shared his own experience with light leaks in this fantastic tipster Be sure to check it our before you hit the streets and start hunting those luminous light leaks!

2018-09-18 #lightleak

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